Direct Access Physical Therapy & Pain Management Centers
Direct Access Physical Therapy &Pain Management Centers
Direct Access Therapy, Inc. is a therapist owned rehabilitation facility providing high quality physical therapy services with the most current clinical skills and personal patient attention.
Direct Acces Therapy, Inc. was established in 2008 in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago to address the varied needs of clients with chronic and acute pain management issues. Working collaboratively with physicians, psychologists, podiatrists and other professionals, the licensed physical therapists at our clinics evaluate each client in order to develop a treatment plan to address pain and mobility limitations.

In addition, Direct Access Therapy is proud to have Dr. Ajith Castelino, MD, a board certified physician who specializes in the areas of physical medicine, rehabilitation, pain management and balance disorders as the medical director to the various clinics.

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5555 North Sheridan Road

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Chicago, Illinois 60640

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